About the Artist

photographer and artist

Lee Vann


In one word I would describe my art as salient because it is at the heart and core of who I am.  I revel in the warm feeling I get when someone’s eyes light up while looking at my work. I feel joy that I was able to bring them something beautiful and pure that they wouldn’t have otherwise  had.

In art I find my personal hiding place, safe from the world and any trouble that accompanies it. Sitting still in one spot, waiting for the right moment, and watching how light changes the appearance of my subject has such a calming effect.  I truly lose myself in those moments.

Through my art, my goal is to provoke thought, challenge perspectives, and most of all to arouse wonder and happiness inside others.  Inspired by nature, the subject I focus on with my abstract art is water.  Water has a force that draws it together, but can easily be torn apart. It is transparent, but can also produce reflections.  Water always makes a way for itself and is literally the life-blood of everything on earth.

I chose photography because it is the creative medium best for creating art based on reality rather than producing something from a blank slate.  Walking through nature, taking it all in and creating art with the reflections and movement of water is thrilling.  I feel like capturing something that is happening in that moment is more like a hunt, and when I do it well, I have conquered.  Other mediums don’t make me feel that same sense of conquering something wild in nature such as water.  I’ve been told that I paint with light. I use the way light touches water from various angles and apply different techniques behind the camera to capture the beauty that is alive in that moment.  When waves come by I try to match the wavelength with a shutter speed that will give me the effect that I want.  Sometimes it is a slight blur and sometimes it is timing it just right that different wave-peaks combine to create an electricity-like feel.

This is my meditation.