Endings or Beginning: Same Thing Right?

The year is far from over, but most of my shooting season is.  I just had two great weeks in North Carolina (on Grandfather Mountain), and in Townsend TN

Still Water Moving

Still Water Moving

for fall colors and water movement experiments.

A lot has happened this year.  Everything from taking a serious swipe at controlling (or destroying) the anxiety and depression that I have fought for avery very long time.  I won’t lie; it really took a lot out of me to put n the work on that this year.  Looking introspectively, while trying to remain objective is almost impossible, but I did my best to look within……without judgement.  And of course there is the course of ECT that I have written more about on my other website blog TheFacesOfDepression.org .  I encourage you to read through that.  Maybe there is some things you can relate to.

As far as photography goes; it took a back seat to taking care of myself for a while.  Now I’m back and coming up with ways to reach my audiences.  FaceBook is good, as well as this website, but I will always need to get to more local people that appreciate my style of photography. And of course, I have the photos that I have taken this year that need sorting, processing, and editing.  The end of the year will be a busy one, but I am looking forward to it for sure.

Since this is the end of something, that inevitably means the beginning of something else.

Morning with Stars

Morning with Stars

What that is remains to be seen, but one thing that I learned over this past year is that whatever it is……IT IS.  There will be little I can do to change it once I put my best foot forward.  It’s like baking a cake.  You throw all the ingredients in there, but what comes out is sometimes better or worse than you thought.  Nonetheless, all the same ingredients went in.

It’s always nice to hear from people, so feel free to drop a line just to say or to chat about anything.  🙂   Lee


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